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Saturday, August 21, 2010


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great summary Tom, but surely the last sentence should read that you WILL watch Dustin and hope for a victory!!!
I guess the one thing that sticks with me is this. Golf touts itself as being a gentlemans game, whereby the golfer basically self-polices. It is very clear that he was in no way seeking to gain some unfair competitive advantage. It is also very clear that a mistake was made by allowing the crowds to stand where they did and by having conditions that invited such confusion. Sure, the golfers could have asked for rulings for many of their lies, and likely incurred time warnings by the 4th hole! It seems that the rules sometimes get in the way of good intentions.

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Tom Vanderlip has been the General Manager at Peninsula Lakes Golf Club since 2003. Prior to this he was the Director of Golf at Copper Creek Golf Club during their first season and a half of operation.

Tom began his golf career at the Tyandaga Municipal Golf Course in Burlington in 1989 until 1992. In 1992 a great opportunity presented itself, so he moved to assist with the opening of new high end equity course called Heron Point Golf Links located just outside of Ancaster. Following six years as an Assistant Professional at Heron Point he became the Head Professional in 1998.

After two great years as the Head Professional at Heron Point, he was given the opportunity to be part of the opening team at King’s Riding Golf Club in King City. Thomas McBroom had been commissioned by ClubLink Corporation to rebuild what was previously known as the Aurora Highlands Golf Course, but would now be a high end private golf club located on Bathurst St that would be renamed King Riding Golf Club.

Born and raised in Burlington Ontario, Tom has been a Golf Professional for over twenty years and has enjoyed every minute of it. He now oversees a staff of more than 100 people and is committed to providing everyone that visits Peninsula Lakes with a fabulous golf or dining experience.

Tom is married and has two beautiful children. His son Jaxon is four years old and has already broken 100 and his daughter Devyn, is seven months old. She will begin working on her golf grip next month. Neither of them will feel any pressure from their father to play golf!